Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Commission card

I do very few commission cards these days, about 18 months ago i was getting quite stressed trying to keep up with orders/work etc, so when Robs mum was very poorly i stopped them as i had to help care for her.....now she is better i have still not started doing them again but a good friend at work is 50 this month and is also a crazy Donny fan so i agreed to make her card.
Not to fussy all i had to do was Donny and purple and knew she would be happy, as they are her 2 fav things lol This is a A4 card big enough for everyone to sign at work.
Thanks for listening to me drone on
Hugs Lisa xxx


Sarn loves choc said...

I'm sure she'll just LOVE that card hon.x

Karen said...

OMG Lisa, I'd love this card myself as I'm also a massive Donny fan and have been since I was about 10. Finally got to his concert a year or so ago and I was in heaven. I'm sure the recipient will love it too. You did a lovely job with it.